We digitally convert 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm film to DVD and MP4 files on a USB flash drive. All film is inspected prior to transfer and cleaned/spliced as required. Any size reels are accepted.

Super 8 with magnetic sound as well as both optical and magnetic 16mm are supported! We also do more uncommon formats such as Technicolor MAGI-CARTRIDGES and Polaroid Polavision Phototapes - see below.

Our film transfer service is priced by the foot. Since the various formats and types of film are priced differently, we ask that you bring your reels into the store so that we can do a footage count and give you an exact price. All film jobs include a backup set of DVDs that you can archive for safe keeping as well as a USB drive with MP4 files for each reel for easy transferring.

DDVF Super 8 50 foot reels
Master in Red Case
Master in Red
Copy in Black Case
Copy in Black
Thermal Print on DVD
Thermal Print on DVD

All DVD transfers include a master copy (in Red case), a copy to watch (in Black case), thermal print on the DVDs, and a cover that shows the running time and photos of the beginning of each 5 minute chapter point.
All work is performed on site and original materials will be returned.

8mm Projector

Film Facts & Figures

What’s the difference between 8mm and Super 8?

In the 1960's, Kodak was looking for a way to improve the quality of 8mm "home movies" without requiring wider film like 16mm. In 1965 Kodak product engineers designed a film frame that was about 50% larger on the same width film by simply making the sprocket holes smaller than Standard 8mm. The new film, "Super 8" could be shot with the same economy as Regular 8mm, and projectors that could show both sizes of film could be easily manufactured for customers with a library of older films. Super 8 with Sound became available in August of 1973.


Technicolor 8mm or Super 8 MAGI-CARTRIDGES

These were the looping cartidges that needed a special playback machine.

We will disassemble the Magi-cartridges for you and transfer to DVD. The 8mm or Super 8 film will be removed from the cartridges and placed on standard 50 foot reels. Your original cartridges and boxes will be returned.

Contact us for details on Technicolor MAGI-CARTRIDGES
Polaroid Phototape Type 608

Polaroid Polavision Phototape Type 608, 617 or 618

These were instant films popular in the late 1970's and early 1980's, much like Polaroid still photos. The cassettes included the developing agent, so there was no need to send the film to a lab to be developed. Film could be watched 90 seconds after shooting in a special Polaroid "Land Player" (w/ 12 inch screen). Like Polaroid photos, the quality was not as good as normal film.

We will disassemble the cassettes for you and transfer to DVD. The Super 8 film will be removed from the cassettes and placed on standard 50 foot reels. Your original cassettes and boxes will be returned.

Contact us for details on Polaroid Polavision Film
Rusty Film Salvaged at DDVF
Rusty Film Salvaged at DDVF
Rusty Film Salvaged at DDVF

Is your film rusty, moldy, stinky, or dirty?

Has it gotten wet or been in a fire?

We've dealt with all of these situations and can salvage what's left of your precious memories.

If your film smells like vinegar, it probably has what's known as Vinegar Syndrome - the acetate film base is degrading. There's not much you can do about it, except get it transfered as soon as possible. We can usually run film in the early stages without any problems. As the degradation continues it becomes more difficult to get a good transfer.

Contact us for details on damaged film

DDVF cannot duplicate materials protected under United States Copyright Law. These include store bought movies, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, cassette tapes, and CDs as well as television programs and professionally produced videos. When presenting material to DDVF for duplication, you will be required to sign that you are the copyright owner (i.e., it is your home video) or you have permission from the owner to duplicate the work.